MDA windfall falls short

August 31, 2013 by  

The Middletown Housing Authority (MHA) has received some mixed news this month about funding.

The good news is that the Department of Housing and Urban Development has a Capital Fund grant program of $20.5m to disperse, and Middletown will receive $291,069. Unfortunately, this figure is around $100,000 short of what the MHA is accustomed to receiving.

Only four months ago, the Federal Sequester forced reductions in Section 8 vouchers, which itself fell on the heels of an approximately 16% paring down of the MHA’s general funds. With less funding for vouchers and a decline in general funds, the MHA is now facing a shortfall in capital improvement funds.

William Vasiliou, the MHA’s director, explained:

“It’s been a serious cut on an annual basis for the last six years. For us it’s a continuing spiraling down of our capital grant needs, and no cause for celebration.”

The capital grant funds are needed to maintain public housing as well as making improvements. Past improvements carried out by our local housing authority have used funding for repairing roofs and replacing windows. The latest funding plans included security improvements, such as security cameras, fencing, increased lighting, and installing access limitations.

Competition among contractors will no doubt be intense for the MHA’s projects, and companies solving security issues in an innovative, less expensive way will have a leg up on their competition. After conferring with their print company, local businesses will surely want to contact the MHA with their newly designed brochures and pamphlets.