Local firm spreads warmth through charitable drive

November 19, 2013 by  

Earlier this month, Middletown company Consulting Engineering Services (CES) held an interoffice coat drive. Charitable collections such as this tend to increase employee morale and group cohesion as well as benefiting the community.

The 70 employees at CES overshot their original target. In total, they collected 111 coats, mostly gently used with a few brand new ones as well. The coats were donated to an organization known as Button up Connecticut, based in New Britain, which accepts warm garments from Connecticut residents and organizations.

The coats are warehoused in spaced donated by Siracusa’s Moving at 250 Commerce Circle, New Britain. For groups that manage to collect in excess of 100 coats, like CES did, arrangements can be made for pickup. Smaller amounts can be dropped off at a number of locations.

The coats are distributed by shelters, children’s homes, food pantries, and churches responding to a mailing from Button up Connecticut. The only stipulation is that the coats are not to be sold, but simply given away.

Planning ahead and giving employees plenty of notice for this sort of charitable drive is one of the keys to having a successful outcome. Placing a flyer printing order well in advance of the event, posting the flyers in prominent places, and handing them out to both inform and remind employees, is likely to be important to the success of these sorts of campaigns.

As well as New Britain, Button up Connecticut also has drop-off locations in Bolton, Vernon, Windsor, and Simsbury.