Learn How to Help Your Employees Retire Comfortably

April 25, 2012 by  

The Newport County Chamber of Commerce Human Resources Roundtable is presenting the seminar “Retirement Plan Best Practices: Managing you Fiduciary Responsibility” at the Chamber offices on May 9 from 8:30 am-9:30 pm. This is an event for Chamber members only.

The seminar will be presented by Sasha Cesen and Richard J. Cawthorne, both of whom are pension experts. Those who attend will learn the new rules of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act and find out how it will affect retirement plans. They will find out what disclosure regulations there are, what their responsibilities as employers are and what concerns may turn up, how to better manage the cost of their retirement plan and see examples of successful outcomes with pensions.

This event will also be an excellent networking event for those who run small businesses in Newport County towns such as Middletown. Business card printing companies can provide all the cards a business man or woman needs to pass onto others. It is suggested that each person bring at least 50 business cards to every networking event and that the cards be crisp, undamaged and easy to read. First impressions are important and at a networking event a business card is a first impression.

Many people are concerned about their pensions and many companies who wish to do the best for their employees are finding it hard to understand exactly what they can do to help them. Seminars such as this go a long way in putting business owner’s minds at ease.