Digital parking meters installed at Middlesex hospital

September 21, 2012 by  

Brand new digital parking meters have been installed adjacent to Middlesex hospital as part of the city’s attempt to keep traffic moving in Middletown

Installed on Crescent Street, the nine meters are in addition to new signage that posts a three-hour maximum time limit. Parking authorities hope that the shorter parking permission will encourage a more rapid turnaround for parked cars.

Part of the parking availability problem stems from the practice of hospital employees parking on surrounding streets for the duration of their work shift and taking advantage of the free parking. However, the parking is intended for visitors to the emergency room and their families, as well as patrons.

Informing the public of the changes to the parking service is a critical first step in making this kind of change. Creative poster printing could be installed in highly visible locations in and around the hospital to inform the public of the location of parking meters and the three-hour parking limit. Likewise, flyer printing with the key information could be left at the gift shop, reception desks, offices, and waiting areas.

The parking meters are modern in style and contain slots for credit card insertion and processing. Over the next two years, most of the town’s existing meters will be replaced by the new brand, which is proving to be quite popular. The digital parking meters will make it easy for parking officials to track down the most popular parking spots, when the peak times are, and to track how long vehicles have been parked in one spot.