Bike Walk CT elects local woman as new president

February 25, 2014 by  

Hartford-based Bike Walk Connecticut, a nonprofit organization, has elected a local woman as its incoming president. Middletown’s own Laura Baum, who lives here with her husband and their daughter, takes on the position after her election in late January of this year.

The organization describes itself as:

“…a member-supported non-profit organization making cycling and walking safe, feasible and attractive for a healthier, cleaner Connecticut.”

Baum indicated that she was eager to take on the challenge of making Connecticut a safer and more pleasant place in which to walk or cycle.

Bike Walk Connecticut serves the public in a variety of ways ranging from education about the health benefits of biking and walking to promoting street renovations. Many businesses ingratiate themselves to their customers by distributing information of interest to the public, perhaps through flyer printing services or brochures containing maps and other information on the safest walking and biking routes.

The organization’s new president has plenty of experience in participating with such programs. Starting with a Master’s degree from the University of Minnesota, Baum went on to work with St. Paul Smart Trips. Baum herself designed and operated a social marketing program aimed at enabling and encouraging people in St. Paul to either use public transit, walk, or ride a bike to their destination of choice.