Today’s meeting seeks to settle matter of vacant buildings

February 5, 2013 by  

Manchester’s ongoing attempt to rid the town of vacant and blighted properties may be resolved during a meeting of the Manchester board of directors today (February 5).

A proposal to pay an additional $62,500 on top of the $209,000 already paid to hasten their demolition and the planned redevelopment of the area will be discussed.

The business properties, located at 295, 299 and 303 Broad Street, have been a thorn in the side of Manchester for over a year. It was in January of 2012 that the town bought the properties at auction after foreclosing on the former automotive business locations for unpaid taxes dating back to 2005.

Although, Manchester paid the back taxes plus fees, tearing down the properties in question has been held up due to appeals filed by the late property owners’ estates. Currently, administrators of the estates and the city are awaiting a decision from the state’s Appellate Court.

Assistant Town Attorney John F. Sullivan expressed confidence that the town would eventually gain full legal possession but admitted there was a possibility the case would end up at the Superior Court and a new sale be ordered. The earliest a decision could be reached would be several more months, hence the plan to pay heirs and mortgage holders and end the legal wrangling more quickly.

The estates are insolvent and cannot hold onto the properties indefinitely, but the delays are costly to the city. Local demolition and environmental cleanup companies should be prepared to contact Manchester officials, digital business cards in hand, as Sullivan is advising the board to approve the payment.