The Mary Cheney Library’s proposed expansion

April 7, 2012 by  

The Mary Cheney Library in Manchester, CT recently held a meeting with its board of directors in the Lincoln Center Hearing Room in order to determine whether to hear about the library’s proposed expansion. The library’s board of directors met with the Library Expansion Committee to discuss expansion possibilities on Tuesday.

The Mary Cheney Library, like any other library, has traditional books and several other resources available, such as the Internet and computers. The Mary Cheney Library uses flyer printing, amongst other means, to reach out to nearby citizens and draw attention to the library’s features and future events.

The expansion of Mary Cheney Library would extend its building parameters out into Center Memorial Park. The main issue, other than taking away from the park area, is that the building was built in 1937 and added onto in 1960. The problem exists that the new addition to the library cannot be constructed as per its original 1937 design to avoid it clashing with the older structure, which would be desirable as it is considered a historic building. This highlights the necessity of designing something that would enhance the antique features while incorporating the three different eras the library was built in.

The idea is to include 10,000 square feet of additional building to its original 26,000 square feet. Despite the obstacles in aesthetically designing the building to be pleasing, the expansion of the building will go to good use. One step has already been solved: the use of a glass gazebo serving as an entrance-way to the structure. The total estimated cost of the expansion is about $10 million.