Some local fields to be off limits in winter

February 28, 2014 by  

For many locals, certain holidays always include a thrown-together game like his family’s traditional Thanksgiving pickup football game, but these games are going to be limited in the future due to the cost to the town of repairing the damage caused by these games, town authorities have said.

It costs Manchester tens of thousands in rehabbing cost to repair the damage. One possible solution would be to install turf on the Class A fields. City officials have considered this but determined the cost to be too much for the Manchester city budget to handle at present. As a result, the alternative solution of closing a total of 13 Class A fields between November 15 and March 15 is going to be implemented later this year.

Many Manchester residents are unaware of the difference between Class A and Class B parks. Although signs will be posted in areas where play is not allowed during the winter, a poster printing campaign targeted at various locations throughout the city could smooth the transition.

Class B fields are considered to be of lower quality and will be open all year. For those enjoying an impromptu game, it will likely make little difference. Often, where these games are played depends more heavily on location than on the quality of the field.