Manchester High School students to start year with laptops

August 1, 2013 by  

This year, thanks to a couple of grants, all Manchester High School students returning to their studies later this month will be provided with Chromebooks upon their return.

As the recipient of a grant from the Nellie Mae Foundation, Manchester High School was to receive money to purchase Chromebooks for freshmen enrolled in specific programs. Six weeks ago, a fortuitous additional $2m, this time in Alliance Grant funding, paved the way for including all high school students in what was to become known as the Chromebook Initiate.

A proposal submitted by high school administrators to use these additional fund to extend the availability of the Chromebooks to all of its students was approved. All students will have equal access to the Internet and the variety of learning opportunities it presents. It is anticipated that students will become more engaged with learning, thus cutting levels of truancy.

The overall performance of the school is expected to improve due to the students being able to exercise more control over the pace of their learning, as well as to access remediation. The inclusion of the Chromebook Initiative in materials sent to brochure printers will likely benefit the city by making it more attractive to prospective residents.

Students will keep their Chromebooks throughout their high school years and families will be offered a chance to buy insurance for $30 through the school. Ways to help students overcome the hurdle of not having internet access at home are being considered as well.