Innovative idea revitalizing Manchester Main Street for 2013

January 5, 2013 by  

Imagine Main Street, a Manchester organization dedicated to maintaining a vital downtown area, has put on its thinking cap and found a way to help would be entrepreneurs. Starting with 11 vacant storefronts, Imagine Main Street is working to set up ‘pop-up’ stores that are rent free for three months.

The reasoning behind this is that one of the biggest obstacles to starting a business is finding the operating capital to stay in business the first few months. Taking away part of the risk from starting up a business by giving the owner 90 days free from rent allows store fronts on Main Street be filled while giving new businesses a chance. The payoff for the town is a vibrant downtown area with unique shops that are bound to attract business.

A Manchester board of director’s member, Steve Gates, was instrumental in developing the proposal that created the pop-up store initiative. Both he and Tana Parseliti, Downtown Manchester Special Services District manager, agree that without the help of building owners, the concept would never have gotten past the drawing board. The building owners realize that if these businesses prove successful they could end up with a long-term tenant.

Adding a low-cost form of advertising, such as poster and business card printing, to a rent free three-month period makes for a tremendous start for any new enterprise. By using the pop-up concept as a trial period for new businesses, vetted and then matched with a building owner, Manchester is sure to retain its individuality.