Beefing up of smoking ordinance being discussed

September 19, 2013 by  

Smokers in Manchester may find the areas in which they are allowed to smoke shrinking, if recent discussions by the Manchester Board of Directors are any indication. The current smoking ban may be extended to include additional public places as well as some outside ones as well.

As one would expect, opinion on the matter is sharply divided among residents. One of the managers of the Mulberry Street bar and restaurant, Ilana Herman, looks favorably on increasing non-smoking areas. She said:

“In a public place, you have children, you have people who don’t want to be breathing in second-hand smoke and I think it should be done in the privacy of your own car, your own home.”

Herman went on to say that although additional bans on smoking would not be popular, residents would, over time, accept the change just as they did with the smoking ban in restaurants.

Resident Joshua Pharham, on the other hand, said:

“People should have the right to walk down the street and smoke a cigarette any time they want.”

Scott Shanley, Manchester Town Manager stated that he believes something needs to be done to ensure there are smoke-free zones in the city. However, in addition to implementing a more stringent smoking ban, there is the question of enforcement. According to Shanley, engaging the services of a print company to produce no-smoking zone signs to post should ensure that any new ordinance has “teeth”.

The board intends to hold more official discussions soon with the goal of having a new ordinance in place by spring.