West Hartford to explore solar program

October 7, 2013 by  

West Hartford, Connecticut, has been chosen as a participant in a solar program called Solarize, offered by the Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority (CEFIA).

West Hartford joins 10 other cities and towns in the third phase of the program, which anticipates doubling the use of solar energy throughout the participating communities during the course of the program. Among the areas joining West Hartford in the initiative are Manchester, Newtown, and Greenwich.

CEFIA offers the Solarize program in conjunction with SmartPower. The aim of it is to increase the residential use of solar power, which it does by putting together groups and using an installer. It further relies on the communities to educate residents about the benefits of solar power, increase interest in using it, and build awareness of the problems and limitations of fossil fuels. Finally, the program urges action by naming a specific end date. West Hartford officials recently announced that C-TEC Solar will be the installer for the town.

West Hartford’s mayor, Scott Slifka, said the town was “very pleased” to have been chosen to take part in Solarize, since it supports measures that offer both economic and environmental benefits. He notes that Solarize will enable residents to reduce energy bills, make the town cleaner, and help support jobs in the local area.

Since this program is new, officials of the towns might work with brochure printers to create mailers for residents, explaining how the program works and its benefits to the wider community.