Urban backyard chickens a growing business

September 30, 2012 by  

Former Hartford resident, Tracie Torres, along with her husband, Derek Sasaski, has turned a backyard curiosity for raising chickens in the city into a thriving home-based business. They have capitalized on the growing trend for backyard chicken-keeping, which has become popular among everyday urbanites and celebrities such as Martha Stewart and Jennifer Aniston. Their company, My Pet Chicken, reached $2 million in sales last year and is expected to continue growing.

Founded in 2005, My Pet Chicken started out as an information-based website that offered an Ebook detailing their experience with raising backyard chickens in the city. They wanted to de-mystify the chicken keeping process and help other people who wanted to delve into the hobby. One year later, they added one hundred products for sale. Then they turned to the challenging dilemma of finding suppliers who would not only take their company seriously, but also would supply chickens in small quantities.

The Connecticut company now employs twenty part-time workers in several states to help with supply and customer relations. To further promote their products and services to areas such as Hartford, the company could supplement their internet presence with printed media such as attractive poster printing displayed in grocery stores, community centers and local markets. Brochure printing and flyers could also be placed in strategic locations to spread the word and reach people who are not computer saavy or do not have online access.

With customers across the midwest, Alaska and in Hawaii, the company helps customers choose chickens that are suitable for their climate.