Neighbors band together to save West Hartford market

March 18, 2014 by  

The Crown Market, a 74-year-old kosher market and West Hartford landmark, has been given a second lease of life.

On Friday, February 28, the store had almost nothing on its shelves, but by Sunday, the shelves were full again. The market was slated to be closed, but Henry Zachs, Alan Lazowski and Brian Newman, who are all successful businessmen, banded together will 45 other concerned individulas to keep the store open. Although Zachs, Lazowski and Newman are astute business leaders, they say they worked to keep the market open not as a business deal, but as a community service.

Zachs and the others among them have given millions to favorite causes, and observes that he also supports organizations simply because they are important to him, including things like the Connecticut Historical Society. Newman notes that Zachs works on a number of projects at once, but when he’s working on one in particular, he’s totally committed to it. This is the case with the Crown, where Zachs stops every day. His decision to buy the market has saved 80 jobs.

Roger Keroack, director of operations and the new owners plan to modernize the store, and hope people will continue to support the Crown.

The store could work with a poster printing company to create posters for display in Hartford’s downtown, letting people know the Crown is open.