Hartford going Hollywood

January 8, 2012 by  

Don’t be surprised if you hear the phrase ‘lights, camera, and action’ around the streets Hartford in the coming month. Scenes from a fictional television series about gangs and cops will be shot in the Connecticut city, according to the show’s developer, Hartford Police Officer Mark Manson.

The idea for the show, called “The Second District,” first came about several years back when Manson crossed paths with career criminal Felix Soto. Manson and Soto quickly developed a mutual dislike for each other, yet they agreed one thing; television crime dramas were unrealistic.

The unlikely partnership came up with an idea for a show which they believe portrays a more realistic impression of the relationship between police officers and gangs.

“The Second District” is based on their knowledge of gangs and police in Hartford.

Manson may consider business card printing to display his new title as executive TV producer. He is confident that his part-time show biz career won’t cut into his duties as a Hartford police officer. The 14 year veteran says “I normally work second shift and with my days off, I can schedule around what I need to do.”

Cameras will roll for the first 10-episode season starting in April. Manson expects five episodes to be wrapped up by July. ‘The Second District,’ will also produce shows in Miami, Dallas and Los Angeles. The series is scheduled to hit the airwaves in the fall.

A 30-minute pilot for the show, filmed in July 2010, sealed the deal. The episode featured police department power struggles and gun violence. The New York International Film Festival named the pilot “Best Urban Short,” according to Manson.