Hartford considers a downtown grocery

July 18, 2013 by  

Running out for cat food or diapers in the middle of the night is not easy in Hartford, Connecticut, because the city has no major grocery store in the downtown area. However, this could change soon.

The tower that previously housed the Bank of America could become the home of a new grocery store, as well as apartments, if the tower’s old developer can convince market operators, and the city, to proceed with plans for revamping the building.

Conversion of the office tower would cost approximately $78m, with the end result adding 286 living spaces, mostly one-bedroom and studio apartments, to the upper floors. The conversation would leave about 35,000 square feet of leasable space on the ground floor. There are two potential tenants for the space, both of them groceries. If the plan is approved and a tenant moves in, it will be the second time Hartford has tried to open a grocery store in the downtown.

The first grocery to try and establish itself in Hartford was the Market at Hartford 21, which disappeared in 2011. Although the plans for the new store have not been finalized, there are two competing grocers who would like to lease the space, so Hartford may soon have a new downtown market, and therefore an increase in jobs and convenience locally.

The store will want customers, so it could work with a poster printing service to create a colorful advertisement to place in windows throughout the city’s downtown.