Auto shop back on the curriculum at one Hartford school

April 12, 2013 by  

Auto shop and similar courses may not be appearing on class lists as frequently as they once were, but Bulkeley High School in Hartford, Connecticut recently announced that it will offer this time-honored course once again, beginning this fall.

Christina Kishimoto, Superintendent, said that there will be room for about 50 freshmen and sophomores to enroll in August. She said it was the school’s intention to start off the program strong but small, and build up from there.

The school is already looking for an instructor and assistant, and car lifts that are already in place have already been subjected to an inspection. In addition, the shop area is being updated, cleaned, and repainted.

School officials say they are extremely happy to bring back the auto shop program, since it leads students to a potentially lucrative career. Kevin McCaskill, a Hartford official, says he is glad to see the program restarted, as it will indicate the city’s commitment to providing alternatives to students who are not going to college.

The school district will use federal funds to buy equipment, materials, and tools, and next year, the funding will also help pay the new instructors. The administrators and staff at Bulkeley are developing a method to select students for the shop courses, which are planned to include both body repair and engine work.

School officials could work with brochure printers to explain the new courses, the selection of the students, and the aim of the shop courses to parents and students alike.