New gelato store opens in East Haven

November 20, 2012 by  

Polo Paolo II Gelato Italiano was recently opened in East Haven, Connecticut by Tony Franco and his girlfriend Gloria Hernandez with the intent of bringing a taste of Europe to the Main Street of the City. The couple most likely used business card printing so that those who walked by the store or came to taste the treats could pass along their information to friends and family.

Franco and Hernandez are initially concentrating on making gelato with fresh fruits for the sorbets and milk coming from local producers and the rest of the ingredients being imported from Italy for authenticity. Their menu boards and display cases are also shipped from overseas.

According to Franco, they make handcrafted yogurt and gelato into bars that are placed on a Popsicle stick. All the bars are made in the back in small batches, so their freshness is a real selling point. They have bars with 30 to 40 different flavors. After selecting a flavor, the customer then selects one of several dips that include dark chocolate, milk chocolate, pistachio cream, white chocolate, caramel, strawberry, and lemon. Once dipped, a topping is selected from among such treats as hazelnuts, cookies, almonds, coconut, and pistachios.

To research their gelato, the couple went to Spain in February. According to Franco, gelato bars are a very popular treat in Europe and he wanted to try them out in the United States. They chose the location on Main Street next to the Sugar Bakery so as to make the area focal point for sweets.

Polo Paolo does not hold its official grand opening until December 16, but it is open for business now.