Ice skating rink opens near East Haven

January 12, 2014 by  

People in East Haven who are looking for ways to make the most of winter can head to Naugatuck, where a new ice skating rink recently opened.

The rink was originally scheduled to open at the end of December, but unseasonably warm weather pushed the opening ceremony back to January 4. Although that was a sunny day, temperatures were cold enough for the rink to get going, and a dedication ceremony took place at 4:30 pm. A concessions stand by the rink served hot dogs, popcorn, and hot chocolate during the dedication.

The new rink is slightly different from other skating rinks. People cannot rent or borrow skates. Instead, they need to bring their own pairs. There is also no barrier or wall around the rink, to help beginners keep their balance or catch themselves if they start to fall. Overall, the rink measures 92 by 72 feet. To keep skaters safe, the park might consider banner printing and list a general set of rules and precautions on the banner.

The park received $3,000 in funding from the Ion Foundation to build the rink. Since it’s a portable rink, it will be removed from the field behind St. Francis of Assissi in the spring, then return again at Thanksgiving.

Adults in the area have the opportunity to volunteer and help out with the new rink. The park is in need of supervisors to keep an eye on things when an official parks event is not taking place.