New tradition helps with first day jitters

September 8, 2012 by  

A new tradition at Brunswick School in Greenwich, Connecticut, aims to calm down the opening day jitters for the youngest students who arrive for the first time in an unknown place. The school has tried to create a welcoming atmosphere for all grade levels, but especially for new students, who started this Wednesday, September 5.

The program encourages older kids to stop and remember how apprehensive they were on their first day at school, and help the little ones who now feel the same way. Senior students are paired with the youngest and walk hand-in-hand together into the opening ceremony to the tune of ‘Rainbow Connection’. The hope is that the younger students feel more confident and, from the example of the older students, learn how to reach out and help one another.

Founded by George Carmichael in 1902, Brunswick School prides itself on educating the ‘whole boy’, and often seeks to amalgamate all ages, skills, religions, cultures, and ethnicities. Faculty tries to help each boy fulfill their potential, foster creativity and innovation, encourage critical thinking skills, and develop intellectual maturity and self-confidence.

The school motto, ‘Courage, Honor, Truth’, represents the profound values on which the school is based. The message can be promoted by including the motto on many different media, including digital business cards, stationery printing, banner printing, and brochures.

The new opening day tradition that pairs teenagers with toddlers is a physical reminder of the essence of the motto and the values that the school upholds.