Joint training session held by Greenwich rescue teams

October 27, 2013 by  

Earlier this month, the Greenwich Police Department partnered with the Connecticut Canine Search and Rescue (CCSAR) Team to host a canine search and rescue and dive team training event on Island Beach within Long Island Sound.

No doubt the two organizations used poster printing to let the community know of their efforts to work together and improve their efforts in responding to emergency requests.

During the training session, those in the Sound Beach Volunteer Fire Department Dive Team, the Dive teams of the nearby Milford Police Department Dive Team, and the Greenwich Police Department worked together to help handlers and their canines carry out these training searches. In the event of a sea rescue, the dogs can respond to the scent of a body submerged in the water, and the handler can read the reaction of the dog to the scent, gaining a rough idea of where the body is located.

Experienced divers were used as victims and were submerged below the water surface at a distance of 20 feet. The task of the dogs was to locate the divers using their scent, and they were rewarded when they located the divers. Manikins were also used with a cadaver scent, so as to simulate a search in the event of a drowning.

Land-based dive platforms were used by the Sound Beach Volunteer Fire Department, and the Greenwich Police Department used its newly commissioned Public Safety Vehicle #139 for diving platforms as well.