Bed bug problem at Greenwich elementary school appears under control

December 28, 2011 by  

The unwelcome surprise of four bed bugs at Hamilton Avenue School on three recent occasions appear to be isolated incidents, according to the Greenwich Public School District. On October 27 the first bed bug, that was dead, was detected at the school. On December 2nd another dead bedbug was spotted on a student’s backpack. One week later a live bedbug was found on the same student. Less than a week later another bedbug was found alive in classroom.

School district officials are still trying to determine whether the most recent bedbug discoveries are linked to the student. ‘The building is not infested,’ explained school district spokeswoman Kim Eves. Eves referred to the bedbug problem as ‘four isolated incidents.’

Explaining that bedbugs don’t pose a serious health threat via flyer printing may help ease understandable concerns of parents whose children attend Hamilton Avenue School. Bedbugs are blood sucking insects that cause itchy bites, but they are not regarded as a public health hazard, explains the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC.)

The little critters tend to be more annoying than anything else because severe itching and scratching can keep you from getting a good nights rest. In some cases,however, excessive scratching from bedbug bites can cause skin infections, according to the CDC.

An exterminating service came to the Greenwich school and sprayed the affected classrooms. A bedbug-sniffing dog was also called in to search for more parasitic insects, according to Eves. Students in classrooms where the bedbugs were found are required to keep their belongings in plastic bags for the time being. As far as the bed bugs are concerned, they were placed in bags and brought to the Department of Health.