Quick Center dual piano concert a hit

March 6, 2013 by  

On February 17, the Quick Center hosted an event featuring Jonathan Coombs and Igor Lovchinsky to present ‘Reflections of Walter Piston’, a complete performance of Piston’s work in addition to Aaron Copland’s ‘El Salon Mexico’.

The event was inspired by American composer Walter Piston, who created much of his fine work in the 1950s for the hands of Norman Horowitz and Melvin Stetcher. While Piston’s ‘Concerto for Two Pianos and Orchestra’ was performed often in the 1960s, the recent event revived the spirit and life of the classic piece. It was performed as a part of the Young Artists series, an event rescheduled from November 4 as a result of Hurricane Sandy.

The NYC Stetcher and Horowitz foundation presented Coombs and Lovchinsky, honoring the two Juilliard pianists who have known one another since 2002. While this was their first time playing together, they joined forces over the energy of Piston’s work. Coombs notes:

“They are so cohesive from beginning to end…you are really drawn in to the dialogue of the score.”

He also stated:

“This is a very unique type of ensemble and to be able to do this with a musician I greatly respect is an absolute blast for me.”

The success of this Fairfield event was largely due to the amazing performance by all involved. When promoting events like the dual piano concert in the future, Fairfield University may consider using printing companies to create flyers and banners to reach a greater audience.