Festive Fairfield folk can enjoy some Christmas Frost

December 20, 2012 by  

Christmas is almost here and people all over the country are mailing out Christmas cards to those near and dear to them. This year, 25 of poet Robert Frost’s Christmas cards are on display in Fairfield.

Businesses are also sending out cards to loyal customers and suppliers and many people feel that a physical card is much more meaningful than an e-card or an email, and they save every card they receive to look back on fondly.

Robert Frost had his Christmas cards specially designed each year by Spiral Press, and the artists who illustrated the cards included well-known illustrators Thomas W. Nason and Philip Grushkin. The display is curated by Pamela Hovland and the cards are on loan from the poet’s granddaughter. It will give the public a chance to recall how important Christmas cards were in the past and to enjoy the unique illustrations on each card. It might also give those who work for Fairfield graphic arts or printing companies some ideas for their own greeting card designs. It will also let them see how Christmas card design and illustration has changed over the years.

Frost lived from 1874 to 1963 and is perhaps best known for his poem ‘The Road Not Taken’. During his life, he received four Pulitzer Prizes.

The exhibit is called ‘Good Wishes from Robert Frost: Twenty-Five Years of Christmas Cards’ and isshowing at the Pequot Library’s Perkin Gallery and Reading Room until January 6. For more information contact Robyn Filippone at 203-259-0346.