Fairfield’s IMAGES 2012

April 4, 2012 by  

Coming to Fairfield, Connecticut, very soon is the the annual juried photography exhibition at the Fairfield Museum and History Center. The photography exhibition is sponsored by The Bank of Fairfield this year and looks set to be a great competition. The first exhibition took place four years ago, with each year showcasing the work of notable artists. The exhibition will be judged by six judges.

Several regional photographers’ work showcases each year at the exhibition. Showing at the exhibition this year is the work of Mr. Charles Ruger, along with many other prestigious artists. Charles Ruger is a native of Fairfield and will be there displaying older pieces of his work, while showing newer ones as well.

The exhibition allows for artists and collectors to meet and appreciate one another’s work in this unique setting. The exhibition also serves as a great opportunity for fellow artists to take in and admire each other’s art while exchanging details and collaborating on projects, strengthening the art community.

The Fairfield Museum and History Center also holds many other events and offerings. One such event is story time for children, an iniative to encourage their involvement in the love of reading. Another aspect adding to the museum’s enriching experience is the opportunity to take a piece of this beauty home; the museum offers souvenirs in the gift shop. In the gift shop, items, such as posters or postcards, can be bought representing notable pieces of art – postcard printing and poster printing are services in high demand by places such as this. They also have several handmade items for sale to interested art lovers.

The photography exhibition will remain for two months. For more details, please contact the Fairfield Museum and History Center’s website.