Sue Bowman awarded Community Impact Award

April 2, 2012 by  

Sue Bowman, a Windsor police officer of Enfield, Connecticut, was recently recognized for her contributions to her community. Sue Bowman received a Community Impact Award for her dedication to her police department, for helping in fundraisers, volunteering at a soup kitchen, participating in food drives, raising money for several fundraisers, reading to children, in addition to the countless ways she has contributed to her community.

Taking into account the needs of others through impartial giving, Sue’s voluntary hard work and dedication are the principles that the Red Cross stands by. The American Red Cross and the Red Cross, in general, strive to alleviate and prevent human suffering through its volunteers. To accomplish these means, the American Red Cross utilizes brochure and flyer printing services, amongst other resources, to spread the word on its efforts.

Sue has physically helped in serving, helped to coordinate events. and gives up her wants for others. Sue’s accomplishments include organizing teams within her department for the Special Olympics. She has helped to orchestrate walks for breast cancer. She volunteers in social work. She has helped to refurbish wheelchairs at the Shriners Hospital for patients who needed wheelchairs. Even when most would expect birthday presents, Sue opted to have clothing donated to a fellow officer’s clothing drive in lieu of receiving gifts for herself.

Having steadily dedicated her life for the past 17 years, Sue is genuinely happy to seek the benefit of others. Whether that comes in the form of seeing someone straightening out that she has arrested or ensuring that a fellow human being has a coat to stay warm, Sue continues to give.