Help needed to stock the Enfield food shelf

March 16, 2013 by  

The Enfield Food Shelf is stepping up to the plate by participating in the annual Feinstein Challenge, which is calling for the participation of local residents in order to reach its goal.

While 2,000 non-profits across the U.S. are participating, Enfield is striving to raise the most money for those in need. Those who donate should keep in mind that monetary donations are tax deductible.

Throughout March and April 2013, the Food Shelf will strive to collect tons of monetary and food donations to win a portion of the famed Feinstein prize.

For the 16th consecutive year, Feinstein will divide one million dollars to participating non-profit hunger-fighting organizations. Philanthropist Alan Shawn Feinstein hosts the contest every year to help encourage community participation in non-profits such as these. The more donations made, the more funding the Food Shelf will receive from the Feinstein. The cause is an excellent opportunity for those in Connecticut to make a difference in fighting hunger statewide.

Community members who want to participate should make their donation before April 30, and donations can be made at the Food Shelf’s location on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Volunteers will pick up large food donations upon request.

For further promotion of the Enfield event, the Food Shelf might consider using printing companies or flyer printing services to help spread word of its mission. In addition, the non-profit could benefit from using a business card printing company to give visitors cards when they bring in donations for the cause.