Eric Herman to hold concert for Enfield kids

April 4, 2014 by  

Those wondering what to do with the children during Spring Break might be interested by a free kids’ concert taking place right here in town.

The Enfield Public Library will be presenting an Eric Herman Concert for kids, which offers an afternoon of silly songs, comedy, and audience participation for the whole family. Tickets will be available after April 7.

Eric Herman has made 6 CDs with titles such as ‘Party Animal’, ‘Snow Day’, ‘Snail’s Pace’ and ‘What a Ride’. His concerts and school assemblies tickle children’s funny bones with creative, outrageous songs such as ‘Dance Like an Animal’, ‘Steve the Superhero’, and ‘Can We Buy a New Car (so I can Get a Balloon?)’

Performing on guitar with his invisible band, Eric’s work takes in a wide range of influences. His videos and most popular song, the ‘Elephant Song’, have had over 50 million hits online, and it is little surprise that they capture the imagination with lyrics like ‘I like elephants. I like the way they swing through trees’. Roseann, Eric’s wife, designed much of the artwork for his CDs, videos, fliers and posters, which can be downloaded from the Eric Herman website for possible flyer printing for the event.

This fun afternoon will be held Thursday, April 17, beginning at 2:00 at the Enfield Library, 104 Middle Road, Enfield.