Enfield schools to hold heritage fair

February 4, 2014 by  

Local schools will once again be holding the Enfield Heritage Fair this weekend. Its purpose is to celebrate the diverse cultural heritage of people that live in the community. Event co-coordinator Amy Witbro, told local reporters that 29 different languages are spoken by students in the local school district, giving a hint of just how diversified Enfield is.

To bring culture to life, various groups will be providing food and/or entertainment. Organizers point out that groups will not necessarily by differentiated by country—some might be ethnic, while others might represent local groups such as Native Americans. In the past, groups from Poland, Thailand, Hong Kong, Mexico, Burma, and Ecuador have provided talks, plays, music, dance, and food offerings.

The fair will be free (food will need to be paid for) and open to all who wish to attend. Those who do come are invited to wear clothes that represent their culture if they so choose. Everyone is also encouraged to bring a camera—some may wish to take pictures for postcard or catalog printing.

The fair will be held at John F. Kennedy Middle School (155 Raffia Rd) on Saturday, February 8 and will start at 11:30 am. It will run until 4:00 pm, although attendees are encouraged to continue congregating afterwards at a site of their choice.