Enfield rewards recyclers

January 16, 2013 by  

While recycling is already a great household habit that benefits both local and global communities, some Enfield residents are getting a special unexpected incentive for their good deeds. Those in Enfield who have done their part to help the environment for years have been surprised to find gift cards and kind notes as thanks for their hard work.

One note read:

“Thank you for being such good recyclers. I’ve been in your neighborhood and see that every week you have lots of recyclables in your recycling bin. I am so happy to see that recycling is as important to you as it is to me…”

In response to neighbors wishing to identify the kind soul, late in 2012 the Mayor of Enfield knowingly confirmed:

“We have a mysterious person out there who is giving out rewards.”

Mayor Kaupin then encouraged residents to vote online, via the town’s website, to submit their guesses as to who has been performing these anonymous good deeds. One winner with the correct guess will receive a custom tipper barrel.

Kaupin is raising the bar for community building not only through adult competition, but also through a second town initiative involving local elementary schools and Trex Co. The initiative asks children to collect recyclables for Trex, a company that utilizes recycled materials for its products. The winning school will receive a Trex-made bench.

The town of Enfield may have used resources like printing companies, flyer printing, and banner printing in order to share their mission and encourage community participation.