Independents On 9 takes place tomorrow

July 5, 2012 by  

With both a fresh art exhibit and a golf tournament to consider, East Haven residents and professionals alike have at least a couple of events to consider this month.

Coming up tomorrow, on July 6, Independents On 9 looks to have a lot going on. This time around, events kick off at 6:00 pm with an acknowledgement of ACME Office Furniture’s 100th Anniversary. With seats at the First Street Table going for just $29.99 a ticket, it should come as a surprise to nobody that tickets are already sold out. Even so, there’s nothing to stop residents from coming out and enjoying a Walking Tour of Path of Stars.

Boasting a history that goes back to the 1600s, New Haven’s 9th Square is incredibly well-known for its rich cultural heritage. In many respects, the Path of Stars is a celebration of all that makes this area unique. Originally designed by Sheila Levrant de Bretteville, this artistic display is something to consider discovering.

The event for which printing companies have undoubtedly been preparing, however, is the 19th Annual McGladrey Golf Classic. Taking place on July 23, this is going to be an all-day affair with things slated to begin at 10:30 am and expected to conclude at around 7:30 pm. With sponsors already committed, those planning to be at the New Haven Country Club have quite a bit to look forward to. Since the Greater New Haven Chamber of Commerce is offering online registration, interested individuals can sign up whenever they find it convenient.