First Belgian-style brewery opens in East Haven

April 7, 2014 by  

Overshores Brewery Co is now officially open in East Haven, to the joy of young entrepreneur Christian Amport.

Belgian style beer, like Overshores Brewery makes, is carbonated not through forced carbon dioxide, like keg beers, but through the natural aging of yeast. It is also called “bottle conditioned beer”. To Amport’s knowledge, Overshores is the first Belgian-style brewery in Connecticut. Local visitor centers may want to add the newest brewery to their brochure and flyer printing orders, as this is sure to draw the attention of small brewery fans.

A graduate of Boston College, Amport earned his Master’s degree in Business before opening his brewery, but he also spent a great deal of time researching breweries in the area, and studying what made them successful. He made contact with Dan Kenary, co-founded of Harpoon Brewery, for any advice.

Amport felt that Harpoon, along with other small brewers like Samuel Adams Brewing Co. and Nevada Brewing Co., changed the beer game in the United States. He also worked for a Belgian style-brewery in Cooperstown, New York, called Brewery Ommegang, which he says developed his passion for the bottle conditioned style of beer.

Located at 250 Bradley Street, the brewery has a license to serve, and facilities include a bar and a dartboard. For more information, visit the brewery’s website.