East Haven Chamber gives members chance to generate leads

March 9, 2012 by  

The East Haven Chamber of Commerce is offering business owners and entrepreneurs several opportunities to promote themselves at reasonable prices.

Through a combination of traditional and Internet-based advertising options, members of East Haven’s business community can use the chamber to gain exposure. Going online has the advantage of being easy to implement. All companies have to do is put in a request and make a payment to effectively start getting exposure around the clock. In light of the many events the chamber holds throughout the year, however, there are also clear benefits to utilizing a few of the offline options as well.

As a starting point, the East Haven Chamber of Commerce has announced on its website that it’s now offering members an opportunity to purchase banner space from April until June. Companies can choose to simply promote or they can pre-sell themselves a little bit by adding a logo to their spring banners. Priced fairly at $200 for members and an extra $50 for non-members using the basic plan, payment has been made easy with the chamber site’s successful integration of PayPal. Given out on a first come first basis and with the April 1st deadline quickly approaching, East Haven professionals can’t waste time with this one.

All this is without mentioning the dinner and event sponsorships that are there for the taking on the site. This along with the support of local print companies is a potent combination. Although some of these opportunities may be available in other places, the East Haven Chamber’s combination of transparency and convenience is very hard to beat.