People of Danbury can swing their partner do-si-do

January 22, 2014 by  

Danbury hoofers can take the 24 minute ride to Katonah and once again join in the fun for two Free Fun nights coming up in the area.

Professional caller Sandy Corey will be officiating for these two nights. Even those you don’t know the difference between a do-si-do and an allemande right are more than welcome to join the fun.

Square dancing, the age-old American art form that began in New England with the first settlers, is brought to this area by The Friendly Squares Dance Club, a non-profit organization that provides modern western square dancing by scheduling various high quality cuers and callers from around the area. The group’s aim is to create the ultimate dancing experience, and its motto is “Square dancing is friendship set to music”. This event should be great exercise for both the mind and body – which will no doubt be pointed out in any poster or flyer printing used to promote the nights.

Families, singles, and couples are all welcome, and are likely to be doing right and left grands, star promenades, right and left allemandes, and circling right and left like a pro before long. Those who have any questions should call Barbara, the event coordinator. Once these have been cleared up, they can simply dress casually and come ready to dance.

The events will be held on the Monday nights of January 27 and February 3, starting at 7:30 pm and going until 9:30 pm, at the Katonah Methodist Church Parish Hall.