Yearly home improvement expo a success

March 6, 2013 by  

The Annual Bristol Home & Business Expo recently held its unique annual event to bring landscapers, carpenters and roofers, home supply dealers, real estate specialists, and others together in an effort to exhibit products to large groups in Connecticut.

This year, the Expo featured several local entrepreneurs, crafters, and DIY enthusiasts among the usual professionals, giving the event a true hometown feel.

Such crafters as Sharon Schadler and Sandra Soucy had a booth featuring homemade treats like appetizer dips and spice mixtures, in addition to a series of delicately painted wine glasses. Soucy (a Bristol Senior Center ceramics teacher) remarked:

“This is my occupation; I do wholesale to Connecticut wineries and a few gift shops, but also go to a lot of these kinds of shows.”

Other local craftspeople included jewelry-makers Debbie Stein and Maureen Jones, who run small companies called ‘Kewl Jewelers’ and ‘Simpli…Mojo.’ Stein pointed out:

“It’s just a hobby, we work full time.”

The event, held over the weekend of February 23 – 24 at Bristol Eastern High School, brought many representatives from nearby companies to both inspire and aid those looking to better their property and home design. Pool and spa specialists, home security companies, and decorators also made an appearance.

The event has truly made a statement and a difference for visitors hoping to improve their residences and will no doubt continue for years to come. The use of printing companies, banner printing, and poster printing may help the Bristol Home & Business Expo to continue effectively advertising the event to surrounding towns and communities.