Natick police become unshaven to support cancer awareness

November 17, 2016 by  

This month, the Natick Police Department is participating in No-Shave November as their way to show their support of Cops for Kids with Cancer.

The organization is a nonprofit that raises funds for research, education, and prevention of cancer.

During the 30-day campaign, those police officers from Natick who participate in not shaving pledge at least $100 to let their facial hair grow. Cops for Kids with Cancer will receive all the proceeds of the month.

As this campaign is a first for the Natick Police Department, it is encouraging residents of the town to participate as well. The Department might have flyers printed that it can distribute to the community with more information about how they can contribute.

The Department suggests contributing to the individual fundraising efforts of a Natick police officer who might be a friend, or to an officer who has conducted a charitable act for an individual or the community in general.

Chief of Police, James Hicks, commented that the Department is pleased not to shave for a month so as to raise awareness for their cause. He encourages residents and officers to talk with other about this organization, and for other members of the community to join the Department during the month and grow out their mustaches, beards, or other facial hair so as to benefit Cops for Kids.