South Carolina to hold beer tasting festivities

April 18, 2017 by  

The Charleston Beer Garden recently announced that it will be holding its festival to benefit Lowcountry AIDS Services at Grove at Patriots Point. Those from nearby Mt. Pleasant will no doubt want to catch this annual event.

There will be more than 20 breweries at the Beer Garden offering over 40 different beers. There will also be vendors, food trucks, live music, and beer games to add to the activities.

A Homebrewer’s Village is also part of the festival, where homebrewers donate their beers for guests to sample free of charge. Guests can chat with brewers who might consider creating flyers about their hobby, how they develop their creations, and how they got into this hobby.

VIP Oasis sponsors for the event are Sperry Tents Southeast and Lowcountry Infectious Diseases and Travel Medicine. Beer steins are the courtesy of David Aylor, transportation comes in the shape of The Charleston Bus, wine will be provided by Deep Water Vineyard, and exhibition sponsors are The Iron Yard, Elan Midtown, Energy One America, and Charleston Kettlebell Club.

Tickets are currently on sale and Homebrewer’s Village and vendor applications are also being accepted. Proceeds of the sales will support those in the greater Charleston area who live with HIV/AIDS, as well as prevention, education, and outreach programs.

The Charleston Beer Garden will be held beginning at noon on Saturday, May 20.