Mt. Pleasant joins South Carolina towns in plastics ban

May 30, 2018 by  

An ordinance that will restrict the use of Styrofoam and plastic products was recently approved by the Town Council of Mt. Pleasant.

Everything from take-out containers provided by restaurants, to plastic bags given out in grocery stores will be affected by this measure.

There have been some concerns expressed in the town and by members of the council about the measure, pointing to the impact it will have on residents and businesses.

Will Hayne, Mayor of Mt. Pleasant, strongly defended the measure, saying that there will be adaptions made in town, but the main attraction of Mt. Pleasant will always remain. He commented that it is local businesses that require the support of the town. Other towns can look to chain restaurants, but they do not have the seafood industry that is so integral to Mt. Pleasant.

Owners of some restaurants commented they may need to raise food prices to compensate for the cost of new packaging, while others welcome the new sustainability effort. Environmental groups are equally excited about Mt. Pleasant’s efforts to join other towns in this plastic ban.

Poster printing companies can be used to create posters and other printed materials that can be displayed throughout town promoting the advantages of such measures. In keeping with the environmental initiative, any posters made can be recycled after use.