Intersection improvements to help commuters

May 3, 2017 by  

Mt. Pleasant is planning to improve a main intersection that will help some of the congestion on S.C. Highway 41.

A major plan, expected to cost $130m to widen the entire highway, is many years in the future.

A price of just over $1m has recently been negotiated with an affiliate of Gulf Stream Construction, Beach Company, which was the only bidder for the work. Action from the Town Council is expected within a week.

The project engineer for Mt. Pleasant, Paul Lykins, said that getting bids has been problematic as roadway builders are looking at much larger projects. He said that this work will add lanes where Joe Rouse Road intersects with the highway. Doing so will enable traffic to move more quickly to and from the road, which will result in traffic flowing more freely on the highway.

Improvements to the intersection will come from local funds. Money collected by Charleston County from the half-cent sales tax approved by voters will go to funding the intersection project. A federal review process is required to approve the plan to widen the highway and could take as long as two years.

Once the local plan is approved by Town Council, the Council might consider using a local print company to print flyers with more information about the scheduling of the project and its expected completion date.