Cruise ships to dock in Mt. Pleasant

August 16, 2017 by  

Mt. Pleasant may soon become a port for smaller, luxury line cruise ships, as the voluntary 104-ship annual limit of the State Port Authority (SPA) is exceeded for this year and next in Charleston.

Gary Santos, a Councilman from Mt. Pleasant, has been advocating for these cruise ships to dock near Fort Sumter and then have passengers shuttled to Mt. Pleasant in small boats. Santos has confirmed that one cruise line has already agreed to drop anchor at Mt. Pleasant, and added that he is working with various tourist attractions in Mt. Pleasant to arrange for this new opportunity.

President and CEO of the SPA, Jim Newsome, said that many cruise ships have been turned away from Charleston because the agency had agreed in 2010 to limit the size and number of ships that come to the port. The City Council had agreed to build a new cruise ship terminal but was stalled by opponents who felt another port would be an eyesore in the waterfront and bring environmental hazards.

Cruise ships can bring revenue and jobs to a city due to the increased number of tourists, so the SPA and Mt. Pleasant could benefit from the assistance of a local print company to promote the bringing of these ships to the city by means of banners and posters.