Morton Grove workshop to help digitalize music collections

March 30, 2017 by  

Many people in Morton Grove have extensive collections of vinyl records and cassettes that they would like to convert to a digital format, but they do not know where to begin, so a workshop has been planned that can help them learn how to perform his task.

The Morton Grove Library’s digital media lab will be hosting a session where the public can discover how they can convert their music from older formats, such as a cassette or record, into a more current version, including either a CD or MP3. This can be helpful, as the files can will take up much less space, they will have the rich sound that vinyl provides and they can be loaded onto a smartphone, MP3 player, or other digital device.

Music will also be able to be kept on a storage device such as a computer, memory stick, jump drive, or external hard drive. Those who organize an event like this can use flyers to promote it throughout the community, which ensures that as many people as possible will know it is taking pace.

The workshop has been planned for April 12, and it will run from 7:00 pm until 9:00 pm. Only four spots have been made available, so anyone who is interested is advised to visit the library’s website where they can register well ahead of time and avoid disappointment.