Morton Grove residents invited to release their inner organizers 

July 27, 2017 by  

While family photos can be a good way of preserving memories, it can sometimes be a chore to keep them, and other important items, all organized and well displayed, and a Morton Grove workshop will share some tips that can help to keep their photos looking great.

The “Pitch This, Preserve That” session, which can help those who take part find their inner organizer, will help people learn how to decide what they should keep, what they can dispose of and also how to properly store and protect their important documents, photos and more. Along with this, instruction will be given in basic preservation techniques that will help to make sure the items being stored will last well into the future with fading or being damaged.

The session has been scheduled to run for one hour, and it is open to any adult who is interested. Those who plan on taking part are asked to register their interest beforehand, as this will assist the organizers in planning for the event. Local printing services will be able to supply handbooks and other materials that can be distributed during an event like this.

The Pitch This, Preserve That workshop will be held in the Baxter Room of the Morton Grove Public Library. It has been scheduled for August 3rd, and anyone who would like to register can do so on the library’s website.