Winter Farmers’ Market to keep spirits warm

December 28, 2012 by  

Mid-January will see a the second annual Winter Farmers’ Market organized by the Watertown Region Medical Center to bring a diverse and hardworking group of vendors together – all of whom grow and produce food locally. This is a great family outing as everyone can pick the products they enjoy best and know that they are organic, grown locally, and, best of all, fresh. Flyer printing has probably been used to promote the farmers market to the community and the surrounding regions.

This year’s Winter Farmers’ Market will be offering fresh cabbage, aromatic herbs, tasty spinach, new crop potatoes, a selection of meats, a variety of natural cheeses, freshly laid eggs, a number of baked goods, and homemade soaps. There will also be a selection of delicious vegetables, local area honey, an assortment of nuts, churned butter, and bulk, as well as pre-packaged, organic foods.

Locally grown food is not only fresher, but it tends to be healthier and better tasting as well. By growing food organically, there is a smaller impact on the environment, less pest damage, and fewer chemicals used to treat crops. Anyone wishing to be a vendor at this market is asked to call Mary Schultz at 920-262-4455.

Everyone is welcome to attend this healthy food and produce market. The Winter Farmers’ Market will be held on Sunday, January 13 from 10:00 am to 2:30 pm at the Center for Women’s Health located at 128 Hospital Drive in Watertown, Wisconsin. For additional details, please visit the Watertown Regional Medical Center’s website or call 920-262-4455 during business hours.