Watertown business pros urged to shake off their sleep

March 28, 2013 by  

It is almost time for Watertown to come alive, as a business event sponsored by A & B Roofing and is being provided for Chamber of Commerce members next week.

‘Wake Up Watertown’ is a networking function that has a special keynote speaker and other activities taking place at this morning session. Members, who should make sure that their business card printed orders are arranged in good time, will have the opportunity to hear a special keynote speaker who will talk about stress management, facilitated by the Healing Wellness Resource Center.

During morning coffee, table discussion will include information on what time management skills members use in their daily business lives. This may provide new members with time management strategies with which they may not be familiar. As this is a networking session, members will have the chance to introduce themselves to other people who operate businesses in the Watertown area. There will be community event announcements, as well as some keynote talks from people who are organizing programs in the Watertown community. This is a great opportunity to learn more, enjoy coffee, and socialize with friends and peers, and they might even gain some new contacts with the help of their digital business cards.

This event is free to all members and will be taking place on Wednesday, April 3 in Watertown, Wisconsin. To register for this event or to learn more, it is worth checking out the chamber’s website.