New PDF editing tools unveiled

February 5, 2012 by  

A new software program currently in beta testing will soon allow print service clients to pre-flight and edit the artwork they submitted before proceeding to print-ready files.

Lucid Dream Software has announced that the program called ArtAffirm, which, when launched, will be a cloud-based PDF editor and layout tool, will run in most web browers as well as an iPad app. The company promised easy-to-use design features for all aspects of editing.

ArtAffirm will have built-in PDF pre-flighting to catch errors and assist users as they navigate the program and design a print-capable PDF from popular formats such as EPS and other image files.

Lucid Dream said the software will enable smooth business card printing and photobooks with multiple pages. Jobs as small as postage stamps or as large as posters and full sheets put together according to specifications, can be done using ArtAffirm.

“Our research shows printing companies are spending thousands of dollars every month simply touching client files. ArtAffirm can very substantially reduce these costs,” said Lucid Dream spokesman, David Lewis.

“We have one of the best web development teams in this industry. This software was developed using such technologies as Ruby on Rails, Cappuccino, C++, and AMQP – we have invested more than 10 years into the project.”

ArtAffirm will be distributed in the U.S. during this phase and once qualified distributors are found, will release it to the UK and Europe.

For more information or if Watertown print services and customers wish to participate in the beta trial, visit