Incentives turn on Watertown energy savers

January 19, 2012 by  

With Watertown acting as a control for a new energy saving program in Wisconsin, The Way to Save energy-saving initiative is realizing measurable results.

“Our total energy savings was much more than expected,”

said Kevin Duffy, a representative from Watertown neighbour Burlington and its Way to Save program.

“I think the results are really great, but there is still a lot of work to do – especially on the residential side.”

Way to Save is a unique program being piloted Burlington to quantitatively measure energy-savings in a single community. Depending on how successful this pilot is, it will be offered in other communities in Wisconsin.

The goal of Way to Save program, heavily promoted by flyer printing to local businesses, industries and institutions, is to encourage all consumers to use energy-saving programs offered by utility companies.

“The programs and incentives that I’m connecting people to in Burlington are eligible to all people regardless of where they live in the state,” he said.

Watertown acts as a control in this pilot program. Energy consumers in Watertown and Burlington can access the same conservation programs offered by the utility. Consumption numbers captured by the utility in Watertown are subtracted from the numbers in Burlington, giving a net number and energy saving results.

The Way to Save program is impacting businesses that use significant amounts of energy in both urban centers. Program monitors have said that businesses and institutions watch the bottom line more closely than residential consumers, mostly because of the incentive programs to switch out things like lighting, and the immediate impact of a lower bill.

The Way to Save pilot will continue til the end of 2012