Unidentified Woman Buried in Fond du Lac

December 23, 2011 by  

The remains of a Jane Doe, discovered in N. Fond du Lac, Wis. by a group of hunters in 2008, were buried Wednesday, Dec. 7 in Cattaraugus Cemetery near Waupun. Though the remains have been laid to rest, the mystery of the unknown woman’s death has not, and police say they’re determined to solve the case. Authorities have taken many steps to identify the deceased woman, but nobody has come forward yet.

Deputies have made an astonishing and heart-warming effort to identify the unfortunate woman. Instead of using print companies for poster and flyer printing, they have actually recreated her appearance, hair and the clothes she was wearing when the hunters found her. The likeness was featured on the website of America’s Most Wanted and a Facebook page was constructed for the sake of identifying her, but she has still yet to be positively identified. Fortunately, Jane Doe’s DNA is on file and the police are taking this case personally, especially Sheriff Mick Fink.

“This isn’t right,” Fink said. “There’s no doubt about that. It isn’t right to bury a person like this.”

Both law enforcement officers and concerned citizens in N. Fond du Lac attended the burial, paying respects to a woman whom nobody has been able to name:

“Somebody had to be here for her,” one woman said. “She couldn’t go alone.”

The sheriff assured the people that the search for Jane Doe’s family and killer(s) isn’t over:

“It’s not right,” he said again, “but it’s not over.”