Special probe heals open wounds

February 12, 2012 by  

A podiatrist at the Aurora Health Centre has brought a unique treatment to North Fond du Lac to help treat people with deep wounds.

Maria E. Saleh, DPM, MS, recently completed special training on a new patented system called Qoustic Wound Therapy. In her practice at the Aurora Health Center in Fond du Lac and North Fond du Lac, Saleh is employing this technology, which rids wounds of non-viable tissue. Brochure printing to explain the new process complete with pictures for patients in the waiting room would help assure patients of the procedure’s benefits and safety.

A special probe in this ultrasonic wound therapy, called a Qoustic Quette, is applied to the wound site. The probe penetrates the wound bed and removes the non-viable tissue and doesn’t touch any healthy soft tissue. The end result is a wound that heals more quickly. Saleh believes this process, for which she recently received training, results in better wound care and improved outcomes and less frequent complications.

“I am excited by the possibilities of how this new ultrasonic therapy will change the approach and treatment of all types of wounds and by the opportunity to bring it to my patients,” commented Dr. Saleh.

Debridement, which is the proper term for the removal of tissue that will never regenerate, is necessary for safe wound care as it promotes healing by getting rid of contamination and exposing tissue that is able to heal. This modern technology for wound care is extremely effective.

Saleh works as a podiatrist and specializes in surgery. With her training on the new equipment, patients with injury to the foot or disease get back on their feet more quickly. She has been honored with the Gold Award in Dermatology and a Silver Award in children’s medicine.