Tornado and Severe Weather Awareness Week

April 6, 2012 by  

From Monday, April 16th until Friday, April 20th, Menomonee Falls will be observing Tornado and Severe Weather Awareness Week. The events taking place this week will begin each day at 1pm and end each day at 2pm.

Every school in the area will be developing a Severe Weather Safety Plan, which will consist of reviewing all the plans that are in place and making any changes that are necessary so that should bad weather strike the area, the students are prepared and know what to do in case of an emergency. During this week, changes will be made to buildings, shelters, and classrooms. Classroom drills will be held with students directed on the best method to protect themselves. Provisions will also be made to protect students in the schools that are disabled. Students will also be taught protective positions designed to protect their heads from falling objects.

On the Thursday of the week, a statewide severe weather drill will be held and children will be able to practice what they have learned, as a mock tornado passes overhead. This drill will affect everyone in the community and students will have had the opportunity to go home and share what they learned throughout the week with the rest of the family. If there is any severe weather anywhere in the state on Thursday, the statewide drill will be held over until Friday.

Stationery printing for this event will likely be delivered throughout the community during this week long event by local print companies keen to support their local community. For more information on Awareness Week, please contact the County Emergency Management Director or the local NWS office at 262-532-4200.