Stores relocate as village centre renovates

September 5, 2013 by  

Pink Lemonade Salon has received its permits for the new location on Appleton Avenue in Menomonee Falls. It plans to move later this month and hire seven more employees on a full time basis, since it will have more space. Just Kiln’ Time will be moving to a larger space across the parking lot from Pink Lemonade Salon.

Five other properties on Appleton Avenue are under construction by Brayton Devco and Brayton Block 6, which owns and is developing part of the Village Centre. One of the major changes to the commercial center is the combining of three properties into one to bring in a larger business. Refurbishing the lots next to the fire station completes phase one and Brayton Devco is excited to start building the planned pedestrian walkway on Appleton Avenue, which will connect it to a large parking lot holding 40 stalls. As of now, there are three parking lots serving all of the buildings.

Randy Newman, president of the Village Centre, thinks that these renovations are of great benefit to the commercial area as it will make parking more efficient.

The fire station in that area is set to be relocated in the future, but details of where have not been issued. Brayton Devco predicts a restaurant will take its place.

Construction and commercial development often requires brightly colored signs to alert the public of dangerous equipment and building working taking place, so a local printing company may find itself tasked with this.